Create AI faceswap content in only 3 simple steps Easy-to-Use

January 31, 2024 (3mo ago)

This is a step by step guide on how to create high realism AI Faceswap on

Spoiler alert: it only takes two steps. So get ready to elevate your content creation game with the simplest online AI face swap tool on the internet! We designed it for AI influencers and content creators in mind.

Step 1 - Add the source face

Kickstart your face swapping journey by adding the source face. For a reminder, the source face is the one you want to change. So the result will be your source file with a new face. Those are your original images or videos where you want to swap faces. add the source face to make your faceswap

Simply click on "Add the source faces," and upload the image you want to modify. We have a bulk upload feature, which means you can faceswap a lot of images or videos at the same time. You can upload up to 50GB of files in one swap, but each file must be 100MB maximum. supports the following file types for the source face: JPG, PNG, JPEG, HEIC, MP4, MOV. Users can also faceswap images and videos at the same time.

So whether it's a faceswap just for fun or a full book of pictures or videos from your photo library, you can just do it all at once.

Let's say this is our source face.

Hasbulla as a source face for the faceswap with Giga Chad

Once your source is locked in, our AI gets to work, analyzing the facial features. Precision is key, and that’s what our faceswap delivers, setting you up for a swap that’s not just accurate, but also respects the original lighting, shadows, and contours. It's high realism at the click of a button – no manual adjustments necessary.

Step 2 - Add the new face (target)

Now for the magic show! Hit "Add the new face" and choose the visage that you want to feature on your original image. add the new face to make your faceswap

This could be your face, a famous personality, or another character that you have legal rights to use. Upload it, and watch as our AI seamlessly integrates the new face onto the source image, maintaining the original's integrity and emotion, down to the finest facial expression.

The target face cannot be a video. It must be a picture file in JPG, PNG, JPEG or HEIC.

So let's say this is our target face.

Giga Chad as a target face for the faceswap with Hasbulla

Step 3 - Launch your faceswap

Once you've selected your source and target faces, it's time for the main event. Hit the "Launch your swap" button and let our high-powered AI take the spotlight. This is where the magic happens, where pixels meet precision, and your imagination becomes reality. Our AI doesn't just swap faces; it blends them, creating a seamless integration that's so natural, your audience will be left wondering and wowed.

Waiting for the swap to complete is like the final countdown before your content rockets into the social media stratosphere. Whether you're ramping up for a brand campaign or just jazzing up your feed, this is about to become your new best friend.

Launching the faceswap between Giga Chad and Hasbulla

Let's swap now!

Ready to see the faceswap? Once the status switches to 'Finished,' brace yourself for the reveal. What you get is a high-realism face swap that's ready to captivate your followers, boost engagement, and set you apart from the crowd. So go ahead, launch your swap, and watch as your content gets the cutting-edge twist it deserves.

Tada! Here is our faceswap result in high quality in just 3 simple steps.

Result of the faceswap between Hasbulla and Giga Chad on

That's it swappers. You can create an account or sign in and go straight to the Faceswap.